Mi Escuelita/Homework Club

We currently have 3 Mi Escuelita (homework club) locations with approximately 60 kids in attendance. We know that this program offers us a better opportunity of capturing the kids who have fallen through the proverbial educational cracks.

We estimate that 35% of the kids in and around the communities we serve are not attending school at all, making our program vital. Our goal is to change that statistic by growing this program to 5 locations in 2024. You can support us by making a donation of any amount to help us grow our programs.

How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

Our sponsorship program offers a “Whole Child” approach to education that aims to ensure each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Connecting education to the social and emotional development of a child creates an environment where the student can flourish academically because their emotional needs are being met. Whole child instruction approaches teaching with a focus on supporting and nurturing all areas of students’ development and learning. It understands that a child must have their social, emotional, and personal health needs met before cognitive skills, like critical thinking, can be developed.

Your monthly gift helps provide a child with hope for a brighter future that will undoubtedly change the trajectory of their lives and the lives around them. We understand the importance of accountability as an organization and we are personally connected to each child in our program.


Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child’s education is a monthly commitment of $100. Each sponsored child receives:

  • Tuition for the year
  • School uniforms, including gym clothes, shoes and a sweater.
  • Books and school supplies for the year
  • Nutritional education
  • After school programs including additional educational support
  • Each child’s progress is reviewed on a quarterly basis and needs are accessed.

Help Sponsor a Child's Education

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